“Bring everyone in as Us” was the message of the Shifting from Us-vs-Them to Belonging event held on October 30, 2023

The atmosphere was filled with excitement at the Crow River Golf Course as the community eagerly welcomed Dr. Terry Wu Ph.D, a distinguished figure known for his leadership and expertise in the field of neuroscience. Dr. Wu delivered a compelling presentation on the latest research related to the "Belonging - Us vs. Them" aspect of neuroscience. The event proved to be a resounding success, drawing enthusiastic participants from Meeker, McLeod, and Sibley counties, who came together in a united effort to foster a stronger sense of community, unity, and inclusivity. By hosting this event, Meeker-McLeod-Sibley Community Health Services hopes to work towards collaborating with community partners, engaging with the local community, and strategically creating opportunities to build and strengthen relationships that are built on honesty, trust, and integrity. The outcomes of this work will strengthen relationships, foster belonging, and create opportunities for authentic input into the community assessment process, which will allow the community to lead the direction of future public health initiatives. Dr. Wu delivered his strategies for transforming the 'Us vs. Them' mindset into one that fosters belonging and cooperation. He emphasized the importance of breaking down barriers, increasing dialogue, and creating spaces where every community member feels heard, valued, and included. Local community members from the region, leaders, and organizations were invited to share their thoughts and experiences, reinforcing the commitment to building belonging communities. Their stories highlighted the power of collaboration and underscored the need for proactive steps to bridge divides within our communities. Dr. Terry Wu's visit to the Crow River Golf Course has sparked a movement towards unity and belonging. This event was hosted by Meeker-McLeod-Sibley Community Health Services and funded through grants from the Minnesota Department of Health Regional Health Equity Network and COVID-19 Recovery Fund and PrimeWest Health, with additional support from Meeker Memorial.